What is XBRL Instance Document?

It is a business report in an electronic format created according to the rules of XBRL. It contains facts that are defined by the elements in the taxonomy it refers to, together with their values and an explanation of the context in which they are placed. In Officio case, the taxonomy for the XBRL instance document is based from SSM Taxonomy.

Follow these steps to create the Annual Return on Officio;

  1. Go to Entity > MBRS Submission > Annual Return
  2. Click New Annual Return.
  3. A pop up modal will appear. It has two tabs - Annual Return and Section. Enter all relevant information.
    • Annual Return type : Annual Return with Share Capital or Annual Return (Particulars are Unchanged)
    • Date of Annual Return
    • Calendar Year
    • Date of Last Annual Return (only if you select Annual Return (Particulars are Unchanged)
    • Lodgement Date
    • Signed by : Director or Company Secretary
  4. Click Next to tab Section.
  5. Tick the box if the statement is applicable to your client.
  6. Lastly, click Create Annual Return

Once the Annual Return has been created, click on Download button to download the Annual Return Form or Annual Return XBRL.

Please make sure you have enough credits to generate the Annual Return XBRL. Click here to learn more about Adding Credits.

You will receive a Word document for the Annual Return Form.

For the Annual Return XBRL, you will receive a ZIP file that contains the XBRL document in it. You can then login to MBRS and upload this ZIP file.

Important Information

  1. You will only be charged if you download the Annual Return XBRL. 
  2. Your credits  will not be deducted if you download the Annual Return Form. 
  3. Your credits will not be deducted if you download multiple times of the same Annual Return XBRL.
  4. Your credits will be deducted if you create NEW Annual Return and DOWNLOAD the Annual Return XBRL.