We built this online form to help Company Secretaries getting clients through online means.

Prerequisites to settle before activate the Company Incorporation Online Form

1. Create account with SecurePay

2. Integrate SecurePay with Officio at Integrate page.

Create Price List

Follow the steps of creating Price List.

Then, tick the box 'is it price for Digital Form' when you create Price List.

Two additional fields will appear. These fields are completely optional. Then click Create button.

At Price List page, you will see the price list you created for Company Incorporation. Notice the 'Copy Page Link'.

Click 'Copy Page Link' to copy the link to your Company Incorporation page.

Open a new tab or new window and paste the link and hit Enter.

It should bring you to the online form.

Embed at Your Website

You can put the online form link at the button on your website.

Use URL shorterner

You can also user URL shortener service to make it easier to remember the online form link. We recommend you to use Bitly service to this.