Securepay provides the ability for the Company Incorporation Order form to accept payment via online banking. However, before you can start using this online form to get more clients via online means, you need to register an account with Securepay.

You can sign up at https://securepay.my to get an account there for free. The registration process is easy and you just follow the steps provided there.

Integrate SecurePay

Follow these steps to integrate SecurePay into your Officio.

  1. Sign in to your SecurePay account and get the following information ready; UID, Authentication token and Checksum Token. These secured keys will be displayed to you when you hover the cursor on the key.
  2. Open another tab and start login to your Officio account.
  3. Go to Integrate page. Click button New Integration.
  4. A modal will pop up.
  5. You can copy the API information from SecurePay and paste it to its appropriate field.
  6. Once you finish copy the API keys into the fields, then click Save.

Congratulation! Now you're good to accept payments via the Company Incorporation Online Form with Securepay.