Access to Company Incorporation Order

You can use the Online Form for Company Incorporation provided by Officio.

Any data entered by the prospect (your potential client) at the Company Incorporation form will be saved in Officio once they make payment via online Banking.

This newly ordered Company Incorporation is saved in Pending Incorporation tab at Entity. The number in the circle shows the number of requests coming through the online form.

Click the tab Pending Incorporation to view all the orders.

Incorporate the Order

  1. Choose any of the entity listed in the Pending Incorporation tab.
  2. You will see a button named Incorporate Now. Click that button. 
  3. A modal will appear and it has few fields which you need to fill in. You fill the fields based on the input given by SSM when you incorporated these order via MyCoid platform.
  4. Click Incorporate Now button to save these new info.
  5. The Entity which you just incorporate will be moved to Existing Entity tab.