1. Go to Resolution Template Maker > Content List
  2. Find New Content button and click it
  3. You need to enter two fields; Content Name & Content
    • To merge the data from your clients' database into the Content, make sure you use ${object} in your sentence. Using this tag will enable you to merge the data from your client's database.
    • You can find the tag by clicking at Select Item in the content menu bar. It will display the whole list of object available on Officio. For example, Director. You can click on Director. Then select the information you want to merge at Merge Tag dropdown list. It will then automatically generate the tag in your content area.
    • You can place this tag ${object} anywhere in your content.
  4. Click Save after you have finished writing the Content.


The Content can only merge with a single object. Meaning it can only merge with one Director information, or one Manager information and alike. It cannot generate multiple list of Director or Manager in that sense.