The resolution template maker allows you to create your own content. You can use the merge data syntax to merge with your existing data from clients' database in order to generate resolutions for them.


1) Our resolution template maker does not allow you to copy and paste your own resolution layout into the editor because it follows a standard set of layout. If you need to craft your own resolution layout for Resolution Template Maker, you can contact us via email. This will incur customisation fee.

2) The template document cannot manage to accept more than 1 object in the document due to the technology limitation with Word integration. What it means that you cannot include multiple information of the same data type. For example, the template document cannot generate document with multiple director's information merge from database.

Structure of Resolution

1) Name of Resolution

2) Citation of the appropriate section of the Companies Act 2016 and if necessary, include the section in the Company Constitution if available in line with the following Content

3) Content - must have actionable sentence

4) Signatories Information