1. Go to Entity > People 
  2. Find button Add People and click it
  3. A pop up modal will appear. You will see two tabs; People & Designation
  4. In People tab, start typing in the field to search for the people you want to add as Secretary
  5. Select the person.
  6. Then select the Residential Address and Service Address of this person that you want to associate with this entity. If you don't see any address in the dropdown list, it means this person's address information is not entered at People page
  7. Move to Designation tab
  8. Choose Secretary from the dropdown list
  9. Enter the License/Membership Number
  10. Enter Practicing Certificate Number
  11. Enter the Declaration Date (for filling in the Section 201 form)
  12. Enter the Appointment Date
  13. Enter Notes (optional)
  14. Hit Add People