PRE-REQUISITE - Make sure all the Director, Manager or Secretaries information are added into the Entity before executing Section 58.

If there is any changes in the following register - Director, Manager or Secretaries, you must fill up this form and submit to SSM.

Follow these steps to produce the form.

  1. Go to Entity > Principal.
  2. Select the checkbox of relevant people (either they are Director, Manager or Secretaries) in Principal section that you want to effect the change in Section 58.
  3. Click Generate button
  4. Type keyword Section 58 in the search field. You will see the form list appear in the search result.
  5. Select the form Section 58.
  6. You will need to select the Lodger and the Secretary
  7. You may need to scroll the modal further down to view more sections.
  8. Tick relevant checkbox in the respective section that you want to effect the change in the form. It may ask you to select further, depending on which information you want to update.
  9. Then click Generate to produce the form. The form will be saved in the Document section.
  10. You can download the form from the Document section.