In the Companies Act 2016, there is a section dedicated on Share Class (refer to Section 89). You can read that section to understand further on Share Class.

We allow users to create as many Share Class as it can be in the Entity.

To create new Share Class, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Click New Share Class button. 
  2. A modal will pop up. In the modal you will see two tabs; Settings and Restrictions 
  3. These fields are important for you to get familiarised with; 
    • 1st tab - Setting
      • Create Date 
      • Share Class Name 
      • Share Type 
      • Has Voting Right (checkbox)
      • Votes per Share
    • 2nd tab - Restrictions
      • Restrictions
  4. You enter all relevant information in those respective fields.
  5. Once you finish doing that, you can click Create button to create new Share Class.

You can now use this newly add Share Class in the Share Transactions.