In Officio, Company Secretaries will most likely be dealing with people. People can be the entity's Directors, Manager, or Member (ie the Shareholder). Sometimes the People could be a Body Corporate, not an individual.

So in Officio, you can add People by going to People page.

Follow these steps to create New People in Officio;

  1. Click Add People button and a modal will appear.
  2. You will see two tabs; Detail & Residential Address.
  3. In Detail tab, you can choose option 'I am Body Corporate' or 'I am Secretary', whichever that is applicable to define this person. Each option will present a new set of tabs or additional tab in this pop up modal. Otherwise, just don't choose any of these.
  4. Do fill up all the available fields.
  5. Then go to Address tab. You can add more than 1 address. In each address you can designate as Residential Address or Service Address or BOTH. You can also delete the address by clicking '-' at the top right hand corner of the address section.
  6. Once you finish filling in the fields, make sure you hit Submit button.