If you have many entities that need to be imported into Officio, you can use the Import function at Entity page.

Click button Import Entities at Entity page. A modal will appear.

Notice the green button in the modal? Click that Download button to download our Import Entities template file. It is in Excel format.

This Excel file will display many columns to represent the all available fields on Entity page in Officio. Every column is very important for you to fill in with relevant information.


Please read the instruction marked with # very carefully. If you fail to read the instruction in its entirety, you will most likely fail to do the Entity import. If you could not understand the instruction, please get help from someone who can understand the instruction and translate it to you.

Upload File to Officio Import Entity

Once you have filled up all the relevant columns and rows in the template file, and save it, you can then proceed to the next step.

Go back to Officio and select that template file to upload back onto Officio. Hit button Import. Officio will handle the rest.

Should there is error happened, most likely because you dont follow the instruction when filling up the template file. Go back and review carefully the information you entered in the template file, fix them and redo the import process again.